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In late January, 1998 I began C. Rick Spence, Inc. Business Computer Services after having just completed 4 years with CHAMPS Software, Inc. in their Software Engineering Department.  CHAMPS Software, Inc. is worldwide supplier of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to some of the worlds largest and best-known companies. These included Kodak of Canada, Boeing, Westinghouse, B.F. Goodrich, Goodyear, NASA, Kimberly-Clark, Tokyo Electric, Euro Disney, Northern States Power, Wisconsin Electric Power, and the City of Los Angeles. During this time I worked as CHAMPS Client / Server Project Research Engineer working directly with many Microsoft, Digital, and Sybase engineers on a CHAMPS Client / Server Visual C++ CMMS Project. This project included the introduction of Windows NT Servers and Workstations to the CHAMPS environment. In 1995 I was given the job of CHAMPS Manager for Computer Operations. This job included purchase and setup of Windows NT Servers, Windows NT Workstations, operation and maintenance of DEC VAX Workstations and VAX Servers, and maintenance of the CHAMPS Ethernet network with world-wide Remote Access to the Windows NT Servers. I spent the last one and one half years as CHAMPS Database Systems Engineer, Database Administrator, and Project Administrator for the new CHAMPS Client / Server Asset Management System project. This project uses PowerBuilder (32 bit) and ODBC 32 bit database connections to access data stored on Sybase 10/11, Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server databases running on Windows NT Servers.  Prior to coming to CHAMPS Software in 1993, I was employed as a Oracle programmer with CD Data Corporation of St. Petersburg, Florida and as a Data Systems Consultant and Contractor for the land sales division of the Chase Corporation of Hartford, CT.
  22 Years Business Computer Experience

  14 Years as a Data Systems Engineer

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