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Integrity Consulting Group, Inc.

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Systems Consulting & Purchasing Services

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This is a Business Solutions Company... Our Job is to Solve your Problem.

We do Consulting, Design, and Installation of Secure Networks.

We Specialize in Secure Access to Remote Computer Systems... Anywhere.

We Know and Specialize in the needs of the Medical Community.

Our Software Engineers are among the Best, Most Experienced... Anywhere.

We Offer Secure Business Computer Systems custom built to your requirements.

We have Fast delivery and installation of competitively priced hardware & software.

We will consult with vendors to assure that hardware and software are compatible.

We give Honest Answers to your questions.  Written estimates given on request.

All New Hardware and Installations fully guaranteed...  One Year, On-Site Minimum.

Our specialties are reliability, performance, and Windows Professional systems.

Professional Business References available upon request.


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